Bertha Benz, the First Road Trip Warrior

When Carl Benz registered a patent for his Motor Car on Jan. 29, 1886, he secured his place in history as the inventor of the automobile. When his wife, Bertha Benz, grabbed the wheel of the Benz Patent Motor Car on an August morning in 1888, with her sons by her side, she secured her place in history as the first person to embark on a long-distance journey. Her trip between Mannheim and Pforzheim was more than a joy ride, though; it was an example of Bertha’s fearlessness and resolve. She was determined to get people to notice the incredible invention, rev up positive press, and drum up sales.

The 65-mile journey that led Bertha and her children to her mother’s house was fraught with difficult terrain and mechanical difficulties, but no matter the challenge, Bertha never stopped.

“Lack of fuel, clogged valves or wiring chafed-through to breaking point – she found a solution to every difficulty on the journey. She resorted to a garter, a hat-pin, and plundered the ligroin stocks of pharmacies along the route. Even when the fuel ran out completely outside Wiesloch, and the Motor Car had to be pushed for several kilometers, she was not too proud to get down herself and help,” according to Mercedes-Benz.

Not only did mechanical troubles not deter Bertha from her goal, they also turned her into an automotive engineer.

“Bertha is even credited with devising the world’s first pair of brake pads: when the car’s worn-down, wooden brakes began to fail, she asked a local shoemaker to install leather soles instead,” reports Writer Barbara Maranzani.

According to Mental Floss Writer Stacy Conradt, Bertha’s husband was ignorant of her plan and road trip adventure; she left him a note to find when he awoke, and after the approximately 12 hour trek, she followed up by sending Karl a telegram announcing that she and the boys had arrived safe and sound. As it turned out, this final note was unnecessary.

“Word had spread quickly from town to town as Bertha had stopped at small towns to fix problems and gas up,” reports Conradt.

Bertha’s successful journey catapulted interest and sales of the Benz’s automobile, and it provided invaluable insight into the vehicle and the future of the automotive industry.

“The difficulties she and her sons faced getting Karl’s 2.5-horse-powered car up neighboring hills (often manually pushing the car uphill) convinced the inventor to make a crucial modification — the introduction of the world’s first gear system,” according to Maranzani.

If you want, you can relive Bertha’s journey with a drive along the Bertha Benz Memorial Route, but there’s no need to carve out 12 hours — according to Conradt, your road trip time will clock in about an hour, minus any mechanical mishaps.

Bertha’s sheer determination, strength, and ingenuity blazed a trail for women, her family, and the automotive industry.

Source: The News Wheel 30 March 2018 [;News Source: Mercedes-Benz,, Mental Floss]

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Friday Arrival at the hotel
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On 29 January 1886 Carl Benz applied to the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin for the most significant patent of the industrial age: a “motorised vehicle powered by a gas engine” – the initial idea behind all further automobile designs in the century that followed.

As the inventor of the automobile, Mercedes-Benz continues to press forward with the development of mobility in all areas. The company’s expertise at both a technical and a conceptual level is underscored by more than 90,000 registered patents, together with a long list of innovations that were first introduced to the market in models from Mercedes – these range from engines to safety, comfort and design features. The absolute state of the art of automotive development in all these areas is reflected by the new E-Class.

The new E-Class as the next stage of automotive evolution

The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class marks the beginning of a new phase in automotive development: “For Mercedes, as the inventor of the automobile, it was always clear that the next great revolution in mobility would be the self-driving car”, notes Dr Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars. People have been dreaming of self-driving cars since the 1950s. Carl Benz was the one who turned the vision of mobility without a horse into reality. Now it is Mercede Benz offering the possibility of managing without a driver as well.

The automobile of the future

In this, the 130th year since Carl Benz invented the motor car, there is one thing about which Dr Dieter Zetsche is certain: “The best is still to come for the car sporting the three-pointed star. The Mercedes of the future will drive not only with zero emissions, but autonomously, too. It will be even safer, even more luxurious and fully networked as well. A comfortable retreat for the journey between office and home – a place to work, communicate, relax and enjoy.”

Source: Extracted from ‘130 YEARS OF THE AUTOMOBILE’ by JIM DAVIS (08 January 2016) published on the eve of launch of new E-Class Mercedes-Benz in Detroit

Some Bitter Truths About Life of Indian Students in U.S.

As Shared by an Indian student in US on Quora!
From Your Quora Digest

What are the bitter truths of going to the U.S. for an MS as an Indian?

Nikhil Patel, Grad Student at Syracuse University, New York

#1 It’s not a piece of a cake

Most Indian students believe (or were led to believe by the great previous foolish generation of our parents) that Americans are dumb/American education system is poor. Don’t believe them. Previous generation of our Fathers/Uncles was inexperienced and stupid. Remember it’s the same generation who led you to believe that “Bohot scope he beta Engineering me”. They meant well, no doubt, they are good people, but they are inexperienced when it comes to the outer world than their 50km radius.

World has changed, a lot. Americans are one of the most hardworking people I’ve ever met. American students make sure that they get a chance to work with a Professor by talking to them, they are good at that. More than that, I’ve 85–90 Korean/Chinese/Japanese students who will work 18 hours a day to make sure that they come out better than you, and they do.

I’ve friends who topped their respective state universities in India, were unable to get a 0/100 in Microsoft’s test on programming. Don’t think that you know programming. More than half the world is better than you.

#2 Jobs are not easy

I know an Environmental Engineer, who somehow applied to 2000+ companies in a period of 6 months. I know a couple of Information Systems students who applied to various jobs (more than 1500) in 9 months before getting a call for an interview. I remember applying to 10 companies in India and getting a job. India has more jobs. I study in a reputable university in US whose CS used to be one of the best till ‘85. Out of 100, hardly 10 gets an internship. Don’t think that there are millions of opportunities in USA.

#3 Jobs are not for you

I study in Mechanical Engineering and I expected that number of companies for Mechanical Engineering would be less than CS/IT/MIS. Wrong. We’ve the same jobs.

Problem is here.

When Career Fair came last year, I was excited to see 120+ companies on day one in the fair for Mechanical alone. For CS there were around 130+. But here is the scene. They have various criteria such as, US Citizen/State Licence/Min work exp in US based company/Non-Alien resident/Only for Undergrads etc. I shortlisted according to these criteria and turned out to be only 5/120 companies where I can go. So, for a class of 95/100 immigrants there were 5 companies, and for 5 Americans there were 115/120. Cool huh?

#4 You don’t know a shit

When you enter a class in Grad studies, specially a field with a lot of Math in it (Aeronautics/Mechanical/Electrical etc) they expect you that you know MATLAB, Mathematica, Pro-E, CATIA, ANSYS, MAPLE, Simulink, CFD along with all the tools which you probably have never even heard of. First lecture will finish the course more than you studied in entire semester in India. Your life will be worse and you will think of going back to India. You fight. You clear the test. You may even get a good grade. In the end you will realize you still don’t know a shit.

Trust me, you don’t know a shit.

#5 Get ready for Stress/Depression

You come from a place where mom made you good food everyday and threw dishes for the maid to clean up at the end of the day. Your parents went for a grocery and all you did was to make them cry internally by throwing away their food.

Buckle up. You’ve to make your food now. You’ll start living on Bread and Milk. You will get annoyed/frustrated of before and after the job of consuming food. You’ve to walk a mile to get grocery and lift 10 kg of it in your hand and walk in a snow 2 feet deep. Your nose will start bleeding sometime due to that cold. You use to order a pizza from PizzaHut/Dominoes in India worth 150Rs by a single call when you’re hungry, now you can’t. Min cost of pizza comes around 15$ and including service tax, delivery charge, tip it comes around 21$ = 1500Rs, which you can’t afford. So you walk a mile to buy a pizza, just to save tip+delivery charge of 5$. It sucks.

You’ll constantly hear angry shouts of your senior roommates to clean up the mess you made in the kitchen. You’ve a debt with a bank in India and your grades suck worse than a vacuum cleaner, you will find only one way.

Jack Daniels.

Jack Daniels, Evan Williams, Corona, Budweiser, Irish Whiskey Tullamore Dew, Absolute Russian Vodka, Budlight, Royal Challengers, in the worst case, Cocaine/Heroine will become your partners. You will drink until you pass out or when you get in the bed, you will feel like the bed is trying to throw you away.

I never smoked in India. Now I smoke like there is nothing else in the life. Why? If fucking helps. It feels like vomiting your whole day’s shits in the smoke while throwing away puffs of smoke from the basement window out in the air.

Welcome Depression.

I lived there for 9 months, severely depressed that my legs stopped working for me in the morning when I wanted to wake up, I suddenly decided to take a break from all these shits. I called my sister in California that I am tired and I need a break. She booked a flight ticket for me to India immediately that night. It costed her some money to get tickets, but she did it anyway. She knew what I was talking about. She had been in the same situation 7 years ago when she was studying Bio-medical Engineering in Arlington, Texas. She didn’t question me a thing and she understood my silence. Right now, I am in India for a 2 month vacation and hoping to get well.

So before saying “Well, you went to USA. Your life is set, we’re not lucky enough to go to the USA, you are.” to a fellow of yours, make sure to walk a mile in his/her shoe. It’s not easy here.

You’re living a far better life in India.

Replica of 1886 Benz Motorwagen leaves Coimbatore on the longest drive

COIMBATORE: The 1886 Benz Motorwagen – the world’s first horseless carriage — was designed to drive for a maximum of 15 minutes. But, on Wednesday, the Gedee Group attempted to drive a replica of the car for 500km from Coimbatore to Chennai — the longest drive by the car in a single stretch.

Avid car collector and automobile enthusiast Manvendra Singh (Rana of Barwani, Indore) flagged off the ride from the Gedee Car Museum at 4.30pm on Wednesday. He also drove the car up to the Neelambur Toll Plaza, which is close to 30Km from the museum.

“It is an honour to be part of a historic ride like this. The car is an example of excellent engineering and to be able to recreate it with the same precision and quality is a hallmark in itself,” said Singh before beginning the ride. Singh also owns an 1886 Benz Motorwagen designed by the Gedee Group.

The car was designed by Carl Benz and was patented in 1886. Until now, the record for the longest drive in the car was held by Carl’s wife Bertha Benz. She drove from Mannheim to Pforzheim and back travelling 194Km along with her sons, Eugen and Richard.

“With this ride she proved the feasibility of the car as a means of travel,” said G D Gopal, chairman of G D Naidu Charities.

The Gedee Group started designing replicas of the car in 2012, and the first car was ready in 2013. Following a series of trial runs and appreciation by experts across the globe, G D Gopal decided to attempt longer distances.

On June 13 this year, the group attempted to drive the car up to Salem covering 165km in almost nine hours. “Having successfully completed this ride, we gained confidence that we will be able to ride a longer distance. So, we decided that we will drive the car up to Chennai,” G D Gopal said.

The car will travel for almost 30 hours to reach Chennai at 10.30pm on Friday. The G D Group has organised a convoy to travel along with the car to Chennai.

A total of 50l fuel (Benzene) and close to 100l (water) for coolant is being carried by the convoy.”Six drivers will be a part of the ride, and we will change the drivers every 30km. These drivers are experienced and were a part of the ride to Salem,” said assistant general manager, operations, UMS Technologies Limited, N Ramaraj, who is also accompanying the team for the ride.

The car will be received by the commissioner of tourism and managing director, Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation, Har Sahay Meena, and Consul General of Germany, Chennai, Achim Fabig, in Chennai on Friday.


The Benz Patent Motorwagen (1886) – The first car ever – explained!


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