German Engineering Is Leading The World

In 2004, Germany was the market leader in twenty-one out of thirty-one branches of the entire world’s engineering industry! At the time it represented a quarter of the entire world market.

Although most of the German engineering industry is dominated by small and medium sized businesses, that doesn’t at all hinder its success. In more than half of all exported items, computer and electronic expertise is included within the products manufactured.

You have to think about those wonderful German cars you purchase, like BMWs or Porsches. It’s not only the cars themselves that are engineering wonders, but over 25% of the value of the car is in the electronics and software these days. It makes for a good opportunity to work in the industry as the demand is high for excellent employees.

That is why Germany has become a very attractive place to come to train in computer and electrical engineering. You will find you can achieve a Bachelor’s degree, a Masters or PhD in a German university. Then you simply go out and apply for a job, and find one with ease. :-)

Upon conducting some surveys, it was found that engineers in Germany don’t just work in research and development. This area is a good place to enter, but many engineers work in production and even management. Prospective employers are looking for accomplished graduates every day.

Germany has often been dubbed a land of thinkers. This is true within the German engineering field, too. Many accomplishments can be traced to individuals who originated from here. And the intellectual accomplishments of Germans have helped to shape the world.

Some examples of Germany’s great minds are Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen and the X-rays he discovered (and won the Nobel Prize in Physics for). Heinrich Rudolph’s work led to the telecommunications of modern day.

German Engineering And Its World Renowned Products

Then you can’t forget the incredible worldwide products stemming from top German companies. There’s the sleek and beautiful BMW, the luxurious Mercedes, and of course, Audi and Porsche. These companies are known and respected the world over.

Another global powerhouse is Siemens AG, producing in the energy and healthcare areas. They have been working at giving us high quality products for over 125 years. Hearing aids are just one of the most popular that they make. These hearing devices have been deemed the most technologically advanced and fit all.

And then you have Bosch, a corporation that is the largest manufacturer of power tools and accessories in the world. They have branches in other parts of the world as well, such as North America.

Krupp and BASF are other German leaders in engineering. Krupp makes coffee makers as well as espresso machines and blenders, toaster ovens and mixers. BASF manufactures chemicals used in fibers, resins and finishing compounds.

There’s no doubt that German engineering has been a top contributor to our industrial successes, and has helped us have the best in products for our ease and pleasure. We will see more to come in the future. Of that there’s no doubt.


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