The Bachelor Program in Mechanical Engineering at Carl Benz School of Engineering. Germany

Like other Bachelor’s programs around the world, this one takes about four years (eight semesters), with graduation following the completion of a final written thesis. But unlike other programs the English-taught engineering courses offered are complemented by a series of German-taught interdisciplinary classes which include business administration and cultural issues. Additionally, multiple industrial internships are mandatory and an integral part of the program.

Preview of Syllabus – Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

In the first term or pre-semester (beginning in August prior to the winter semester) students take a set of science classes and tutorials designed to bring them up to the same level of necessary scientific background  corresponding to the German “Abitur” as well as to improve (if necessary) their English language skills. Intensive English and German classes are offered during the pre-semester. At the same time students are introduced to the basics of computer based study and work-techniques as well as to computer-based tools for “Office Applications”.

After this pre-semester, freshmen take written exams in English, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. The results of these examinations qualify as a cumulative entrance exam. The next 4 semesters of major courses cover the same material in mechanical engineering as the German-language “Vordiplom-Program” offered by the University. The next milestone to be  encountered is that all advanced mathematics I-II exams and all engineering mechanics I-II exams have to be passed for the students at the end of the 4th semester  in order to continue their studies.

The bachelor intermediate- diploma is equivalent to the german “Vordiplom” and should be accomplished within 6 semesters. The 6th to 8th semesters encompass English language lectures on selected topics of mechanical engineering, e.g. Fluid Mechanics, Systems and Control Engineering, Integrated Product Development and Industrial Plant Management. After the completion of the lecture curriculum the students have to write a bachelor thesis.

Furthermore, during spring and summer breaks between semesters, students are expected to successfully complete at least 16 weeks of industrial internships for the Bachelor Degree. If students want to continue their academic education with a Masters Degree they are able to choose from a variety of specialization topics offered at the mechanical engineering department.  But please note that some of these specialization topics will only be available in German. For a Master’s Degree 26 weeks of internship are required.

Of immediate concern for new entrants in the Carl Benz School is to successfully clear the pre-semester examination in October following which one actually qualifies to proceed further. Please check on the following links to see the relevant course curriculum during this short pre-semester period.

Pre-semester Physics Pre-semester Chemistry Pre-semester Mathematics

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