Student Speak – 1

The best university for engineering in Germany and one of the best in the world.


Interviewer: Hello, Can. Would you please give us a short introduction about yourself and let our readers know about your educational background?

Can: Hello, My name is Can Inellioglu. I was born on 25 May 1990 in Izmir, Turkey. I studied in American Collegiate Institute of Izmir which is one of the best schools in Turkey.

Interviewer: How did you hear about the International Department (ID)? When did you first find out about the existence of Carl Benz School (CBS)?

Can: In 2008 November I went to the C.I.S Exhibition of Universities held in Istanbul. There I was mainly looking at the universities in the US and Canada because I wanted to study in English as I could speak it fluently. There were very few universities in Europe that provided education in English. A representative of CBS introduced me to the Mechanical Engineering program offered in English. The CBS is part of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) which is the best university for engineering in Germany and one of the best in the world.

I was very interested since I wanted to study Mechanical Engineering and they offered an English program. I knew Germany is the best in the world with their engineers and their brands such as BMW, Bosch, Siemens and lots more…  I was invited to visit the campus and so I went to Karlsruhe a month later. Then I knew I had to study there. The CBS had an English engineering program, it is the best in mechanical engineering and provided internships with the biggest companies in Germany. There are lots of international students so I could get to know other cultures and one of the most important reasons: German lessons are offered so I could learn another language while studying in English. 

Interviewer: When did you first developed an interest in mechanical issues?

Can: I have always been interested in machines. Especially cars and aircrafts. I grew up reading lots of books about aviation, automative industries and later I made my decision to become a qualified mechanical engineer.

Interviewer: You live in the ID’s student accommodation. With how many students do you share your apartment, and from which countries?

Can: I live in ID‘s student accommodation rooms. You can choose to live in a single or double room with your own or shared bathroom. I live in a single room. In the ID there are lots of students from a variety of countries such as Germany, Guatemala, Russia, Turkey, China, Korea, India, Brunei, Uruguay, Brazil and others. So it‘s a great opportunity to get to know people from different cultures and lifestyles. I really enjoy being here.

Interviewer: What do you do in your spare/ free time? Please tell us something about your hobbies and interests.

Can: In my free time I go out with friends, there are lots of opportunities and good bars, clubs etc… I also like to do sports. My favorites are windsurfing and swimming. I have been windsurfing for 6 years and swimming professionally for years. I also read about aviation and automotive industries. In the upcoming years I plan to attend flying courses and get my private pilot‘s licence which is my dream since I was 6 years old. In Karlsruhe you have tons of opportunities for extra-curricular activities.

Interviewer: Have you already made plans regarding your internship?

Can: Next year I want to do my basic internship of 6 weeks in BMW AG. if not, some other companies such as Daimler or Siemens etc…

Interviewer: What are your impressions of Karlsruhe?

Can: Karlsruhe is a great city to be a student in. Your every need is within a walking distance or if you are too lazy to walk than you can take the trams which go through almost every street throughout the city. So it is very easy and comfortable to live in Karlsruhe.

Interviewer: Could you shortly explain to us the purpose of the pre-semester?

Can: Before starting the first semester you have to attend pre-semester from August till October and after that you have exams in Chemistry, Math, Physics and English in October. You have to pass those exams in order to begin your education in KIT. The purpose of pre-semester is to get you ready for the tough and challenging bachelor program of KIT.


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