Student Voice – 3

Chin Yue Fock from Singapore


High School: Raffles Junior College Hobbies: Scuba diving, windsurfing, skimboarding, running

High School: Raffles Junior College Hobbies: Scuba diving, windsurfing, skimboarding, running

Interviewer: When you look back at your student days at the Carl Benz School of Engineering what memories do you have about the lectures and the environment?

Chin Yue: With its international environment, I have had a great experience learning with classmates from different backgrounds. Due to this diverse range of cultures, we often have several different opinions and approaches when it comes to solving problems. That is why I find this particularly interesting.

Interviewer: What do you think is special about the Carl Benz School?

Chin Yue: Its small class size, which makes many things easier, e.g. organizational issues, posing questions in class.

Interviewer: Why did you choose to come to CBS?

Chin Yue: Having completed my high school in Singapore, I wanted something different, something to challenge myself. Germany is also recognised for its niche in the field of Mechanical Engineering. My initial lack of knowledge of the German language meant I had to search for a Mechanical Engineering program conducted in English.

Interviewer: How was it for you at the beginning?

Chin Yue: I hardly knew any German, apart from a couple of greeting phrases. CBS offered a great stepping stone for me to slowly immerse in the local customs and culture. The international environment at CBS has helped – with other students from many other different countries, we faced similar challenges which we could relate to with each other. Having English as our communication medium, we could share our feelings and thoughts. Since classes are also conducted in English at CBS, understanding the topics taught was much easier. I could simultaneously pick up the German language by interacting with people around me and participating in more local events.

In fact, it was not just the German culture, but the cultures which other international students at CBS brought along with them. As such, CBS has provided a good platform to kick off my studies and my life in Germany.

Skydiving nearby Karlsruhe

Skydiving nearby Karlsruhe

Interviewer: What do you do in your free time? Did you have the opportunity to travel around?

Chin Yue: During the semesters and the semester breaks we do not have much time because of exams, you just have to make your own time for travels. It really is all about self-planning and organisation. I would usually do some running in the Schlosspark or head to the fitness studio to keep myself fit. Living in Karlsruhe provides many travelling and recreational possibilities. For exampe, a bike trip to Strasbourg (France) takes only about 2 hours, with picturesque views, beer gardens and good food along the way. I have personally done such a short weekend getaway in the spring season with some friends and highly recomend it. In Walldorf (not too far from Karlsruhe), you have the unique opportunity to do skydiving. I did it once with two friends and it was an unbelievable experience that I would love to repeat.

Interviewer: You have already completed your basic and specialized internships. Could you tell us more about your experiences?

Production plant of Volkswagen in Wolfsburg

Production plant of Volkswagen in Wolfsburg

In fact, the city of Wolfsburg is wellrenowned for its ‘Autostadt’ status (literally: car city). My internship at Volkswagen AG, the largest vehicle producer in Europe, has provided me with relevant insights and an invaluable learning experience during my six-month stint in the company. This internship has offered me an excellent transition from classroom to workplace, allowing me to utilise the knowledge and skills I have acquired in my studies, and apply them in appropriate situations. Apart from gaining valuable experience and insights into possible career paths, I have also established a network of professional connections and direction for my future.

Due to my daily communication and interactions with counterparts in different countries, I have learnt that people from different cultural backgrounds have diverse ways of working. This is particularly refreshing for me because they would bring various perspectives together during a discussion, which has taught me to handle problems and situations with a more multi-dimensional approach.

Currywurst with fries

Currywurst with fries

I also had the rare opportunity to meet experienced senior department executives and receive excellent advice and opinions. Throughout my internship, I was given a taste of how weekly departmental meetings are conducted in a company. It was a fulfilling experience as it not only provided me with an understanding of what my colleagues and superiors were doing, but also an opportunity to partake in and express my humble views on certain tasks Furthermore, the company has provided me with a conducive working environment, friendly and understanding colleagues and also fed me well with the popular Volkswagen currywurst which was really delicious.

Interviewer: What are your plans for the future, now that you have finished your bachelor studies? Do you want to go back to Singapore or would you prefer to stay in Europe?

Chin Yue: I am open to all opportunities and options. I would love to stay in Europe. However, if a really good opportunity is available somewhere else in Asia or the Americas, I would Skydiving nearby Karlsruhe not say no to it.


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