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Carl Benz School of Engineering Represented by MERIT INDIA
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OK, you have now watched this video and may also be quite interested. But you still have some questions in your mind. The first question is how expensive is this programme and if it is really worth spending that much. The next question you are thinking obviously is whether or not it would be possible for you to make it to CBS.

No doubt, it is some what expensive to study at CBS as compared to other normal universities in Germany. However, you should treat this expense more as ‘investment’ for a bright future instead of ‘cost’ since CBS education is a guarantee of a successful international career. The tuition fee at CBS is Euro 14,000 per year, so you pay Euro 7000 for each semester. With all other misc. and living expenses, you need to budget for Euro 20,000 or more per yer. I would say, you should be  prepared for this at least for the first  year to allow you to focus on your studies well.

Your next question of whether you can really make it to this international school or not can be answered in affirmative if you have been consistently performing very well in your school, especially in your final years of school in three main subjects, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Further, if you otherwise qualify well, we provide you free counselling to draft and lodge your winning application. We simply love to advise and give you useful tips on how to prepare your application pack so that you stand out in the crowd and get a favourable decision.

Advantage of Studying at CBS: One direct advantage of entering into CBS in Germany (instead of any other university in Germany) is that you can straight away be admitted into graduation programme of CBS after your 10+2  during the month of August, whereas most other universities in Germany require 13 years of schooling before giving admission to any course, for which you may be required to do an extra year known as bridge year programme. So, you save one year.  Further, CBS’s engineering degree – BSc. Mechanical Engineering takes only 3.5 years whereas you would spend at least 4 years, even if you study in India.

Further, the atmosphere at CBS is highly international. There are about 40-50 seats altogether against which CBS gets applications from all over the world, Vietnam, China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, Canada, USA, Brazil etc. etc. So, if you are one of lucky students to get admission in CBS, you are immersed in an international atmosphere and get to interact and make friends with different nationalities from day 1.

If you really feel interested to grab this ‘once in a life-time’ opportunity for casting yourself in an exciting international engineering career, please pick up your phone and connect me at 91-11-45630873 and brief me about your achievements till date, your talents and pursuits and what ambitions you wish to fulfill in your life.

Believe me, if you can really impress me with your overture and if you really are a deserving chap, I am most interested to talk to you and can put all my skills and energies to see that you are projected as a potentially one of the best students that can be recruited from India.

I am waiting for your call.

On the other hand, if you still want to know more about studying mechanical engineering in Karlsruhe, better watch the following video – Mechanical Engineering in Karlsruhe.

Or perhaps you are getting curious to know more about the Carl Benz’s creation ~130 years ago that gave birth to the automotive industry of today, then better watch the following video – Benz Patent Motorwagen (1886) – the first car ever – explained.

That is not all! You may also be interested that the replica of Carl Benz’s masterpiece are now being routiney made in India by none other than engineering students like you. Interested to know more? watch this video: Carl Benz’s masterpiece – now Made in India.

Dr Rajendra Prasad                                                                 

New Delhi


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