About Us

Technology-patent.com is a global platform of intellectual property consulting promoted by India based scientists and technologists with a commercial and strategic focus, particularly within patents and other intellectual property rights. We help domestic and international enterprises working at the forefront of technology and keen to expand their patent portfolios to forge their market presence in India and elsewhere.

Success in the field of intellectual property law demands an in-depth understanding of the underlying technologies. The promoters have advanced scientific and technical degrees followed by decades of experience of scientific research and technology development at national and international level and in-depth knowledge of patent searching, drafting, filing and prosecution. The chief promoter is also a registered Patent Agent. Our network of scientists and patent consultants has a unique insight, knowledge and experience of handling a vast array of technical fields. Our core competence is the ability to quickly understand new technologies and to develop these into well-protected and commercially profitable intellectual property rights for our clients.

We are distinctly different from traditional patent agents and position ourselves as intellectual property consultants specialising in creating, protecting, enforcing and commercialising patents and other intellectual property rights.

Our clients range from innovative start-ups to large multinational corporations within all industry sectors. We have a comprehensive network of international clients and associates.

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